CIYH Booking Inquiries – Improved

We’ve done a few things to improve the ease with which you can contact hosts at CIYH, by simplifying the form and giving you a little more space to write.

  1. No more choosing house concert format [HC, DNS, Any]
  2. No more Key Month – something that sometimes frustrated artists and confused hosts.
  3. (Potential) Dates section is now free form, with more space.
  4. We’ve added 75 more characters to the message box. Some of you want tons more text, but we know from experience that you want them to click to your profile ASAP.
  5. Last and most important… a reminder that your best link (See Profile) is already included in the inquiry. There’s no need to waste text on adding a different website. Let them start at CIYH, where you profile already has outgoing links to your personal website if they want to see or hear more.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 7.07.34 PM

Although this will allow you to move more quickly, please be sure to read the host’s booking information before inquiring. I make it clear that I only book 6-8 weeks out, yet many artists still approach me for dates that are 3-6 months away. Please follow directions to make everyone’s experience better.

More improvements soon!