How do hosts cover out of pocket expenses?

Subject: Out of Pocket expense


I’ve been contemplating selling my dining room set to make way for seating and musicians, but I can’t find anything on the out-of-pocket expense of the Hostess. What might I incur and how does the word get out? Am I responsible for the marketing?


P in PA

Hi P.,

We encourage the tradition of house concerts as a gift to your community, borne out of generosity and the desire to help artists inspire music fans in your home town.

As such, house concerts give 100% of the donations to the artist.

For your safety, we also encourage house concerts to be small at the beginning, so that you can focus on inviting friends and acquaintances, gradually increasing your social circle as an effective mailing list. You encourage your friends to invite their friends, and things grow organically as they spread the word about the good times at your place.

Starting small also limits your expenses. That said, most house concerts require very little financial investment. I’ve seen large events serving only tea and cookies, but most hosts will serve a cheap staple (pizza, or rice/pasta dishes) and encourage guests to bring a potluck dish if they desire. “Bring your favorite beverage” is also a common theme, but some hosts prefer not to have alcohol at their events.

Artists generally bring their own sound system if needed, and chairs can often be purchased cheaply and gradually as you grow.

This is the format we recommend for new hosts:


Fran Snyder
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