Benefit House Concerts

House Concerts can be a great way to raise funds and awareness for your cause. If you already know about house concerts, here are the basics for turning a house concert into a benefit.

  • One or two volunteers host a show in an average sized home and living room. Most open floor plans can easily accommodate 30 attendees.
  • Get one inspired board member or donor to underwrite the performance and food.
  • Get two or three sponsors ($250-1000 each) that would like their organization featured at your event, on your webflyers and on our festival website. Offer them a couple of front row seats, dinner with the artist, or other fun package options.
  • Have a suggested donation of $25-50 per attendee for the concert. 20 people at $25 would add $500 to your total.

We have a more detailed plan for you with some great suggestions and options. Join as a house concert host at, and schedule a call with us!