TenTen Concerts Launch

Notes about TenTen Concerts and our Launch in October.
this will be updated as we go…

TenTen Concerts are intended for weeknights because they are small and easy.


Hosts guarantee a minimum of $100 in donations to the artist (10 X $10) plus whatever they sell in merch. If you only have 8 attendees, you make up the $20 difference… but that won't happen because of your waiting list! 8^)

Winning your prize(s)
1. You must list a show with a current CIYH artist. The show must take place during the month of October.
2. You must take at least a few pictures and send them to Fran by November 25, 2014. (updated)
3. The first twenty hosts to list their events will be on the limited edition T-Shirt. List it just like any other show at CIYH, EXCEPT you'll need to choose TenTen as the format type.
4. Send a confirmation email to Jeff once you've listed the show.

Grand Prize:
Want to come to Florida in April for the Listening Room Festival? It's one of the coolest things we do and we love seeing hosts from around the world attend the events.

We'll have a place for you to upload your pictures, and by November 30th we'll choose one winner for the best TenTen picture. That winner will get up to $300 toward a round trip ticket to Tampa/St. Petersburg for the festival. Second and third place pictures will win $50 each.
(If Grand Prize Winner cannot attend the festival, he/she may trade prize with second place winner.)