LRN Kickstarter – Impact on artists

You might know that I started as a singer-songwriter, and ConcertsInYourHome grew out of the challenges I had trying to find house concerts and inspire new ones. I decided that if the resource was good enough, I could share it with other artists and it would pay for itself.

We’ve launched a Kickstarter to take these efforts to the next level. I’m asking you to check it out, and consider sharing.

Here’s why a successful campaign will help you, as a member of CIYH and LRN.

1. Our sites will attract more hosts and fans. Let’s face it… our sites are ugly. They are built on a 10 year old framework, and they are not mobile friendly at all – 30% of our traffic is mobile and we are losing all of them. This campaign will help us rebuild our sprawling websites into attractive, mobile-friendly resources to inspire more people to join up and see you at a show.

2. Fan memberships will engage more attendees, and allow hosts and venues to plug into a growing ecosystem of people who adore the listening room experience. When a host stops booking shows, those music fans are lost, because we haven’t connected them to the network. In the future, a new host could pop up and have instant support from area fans who feel underserved by the amount of activity in their area.

3. Hosts will be able to collaborate on bookings, potentially turning one show into two or three for you.

More hosts and venues

More fans more attendance

More activity and connections

Please check out the campaign, the fun video, and consider sharing our inspirational message with your friends.

Your fan,

Fran Snyder

founder, CIYH and LRN

Click and visit our Kickstarter!

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